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Neither should asceticism be identified with mysticism.For although genuine mysticism can not exist without asceticism, the reverse is not true. Asceticism is ethical ; mysticism, largely intellectual.I hate flying as it is without actual stuff going wrong.' American Airlines, based in Fort Worth, Texas, was founded in 1930 and now offers an average of nearly 6,700 flights daily to 350 destinations across 50 countries.

Photo : Keith Heneghan / Phocus Paul Allen PR Ireland Paul Allen PR Ireland Since our foundation in 1992, Paul Allen PR Ireland, Paul Allen & Associates have become one of Ireland’s foremost public relations consultancies. Translates your needs into goal-driven, highly focused PR campaigns.

Emergency services were photographed as the Boeing 767 returned to Manchester Airport and the airline told passengers in a tweet that 'safety is our top priority'.

The plane reached an altitude of 30,000ft and a ground speed of about 430 knots around a half-hour into the flight before it began turning around over the Irish Sea.

One passenger called Sara tweeted: 'We were in the sky for 30 minutes and then there was a problem with the engine so we had to go back to Manchester.'I am not feeling good...

So far it's not going too well but hopefully once we're back in the air it'll be OK…


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