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And these reports don’t just come from independent bloggers - major publications like Bustle and The Atlantic have reported on negative dating experiences (Check out some of Michelle Toglia’s articles.) Not to mention, while we’ve been conducting market research over the last 6 months, we almost always see the “verbal eye-rolling” by people who have tried online dating and won’t look back, or vehemently swear they’ll never use it after hearing about an experience of a friend.It’s for this reason that we’re dedicated to sparking the Better Online Dating Movement.The popularity of online dating in general has skyrocketed since the days of AOL chat rooms and BBS systems to become the fastest, easiest and best way to meet new romantic interests.

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There are blogs dedicated to bad online dating experiences, creepy messages, and bad profiles to beware of.

offers compelling features including mobile access, daily personalized matches and robust search tools and will fully replace the existing Yahoo!

’s vision is to be the center of people’s online lives and we continue to focus on providing the best experiences for our users and advertisers.

The internet is powerful enough, techies smart enough, and entrepreneurs creative enough to build a platform that can alleviate many of the problems stated in these articles and blog posts.

It’s time we see some serious innovation in online dating, and squeeze out every drop of potential that the internet and the users therein can provide.


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